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Semnan Radiotherapy Center

Semnan Radiotherapy project sponsored wholly through generous donations by our caring friends and supporters will act as the only medical center of its kind in that province. 

Once completed (in approx. 6 months) it will serve to benefit hundreds of cancer patients who currently have nowhere to go locally and have to bear the tremendous burden of traveling long distances in addition to the pain and expenses related to their serious ailment.

Please, continue to contribute generously to this most worthy project and help bring the miracle of modern medicine to people of Semnan!     


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Kurdistan University Hospital

With phenomenal help and support from our generous friends and donors like you over the course of 2021 RAZI was able to partner with with others distinguished charities, such as, The Child Foundation and IAMA (Iranian-American Medical Association) in order to deliver 1,000 units of BiPAP portable breathing devices, as well as, large Oxygen Concentrator units to hospitals and medical centers in 18 provinces lacking such life-saving devices in Iran, one of the first and hardest hit nations during the worldwide pandemic.

Delivery of this equipment, no doubt, helped thousands of patients in poorer, less-developed areas of the country survive the onslaught of the deadly virus in its early on, thereby, thwarting potential life-threatening complications in later stages of the disease.

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OMID Orphanage

Omid orphange with locations in 6 provinces houses many children of various disabilities who require constant attention and care.


This year, with your help and sponsorship, Razi has stepped in to help pay for the upkeep, as well as, maintaining proper medical and mental hygiene for these wonderful and cheerful kids. 

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Fixing Up Schools in Desperate Need of Repair

Currently, there is a long list of schools, especially in earthquake- and flood-prone regions of the country, that are in serious and dire need of repair in order to be functional again.


RAZI in partnership with other outstanding charities, such as, MAP (Mothers Against Poverty) has provided funding for this enormously worthy cause to get these necessary repairs and upgrades completed in an expedited manner so that students can continue their education without delay.  

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