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Click below for a glimpse of our previous global campaigns from disaster relief during major earthquakes and hurricanes to providing supplies, protective gear and life-saving equipment to help combat the deadly impact of COVID-19 virus, and beyond!

At RAZI we place transparency and trust into every charitable mission and service we provide.  Razi is recipient of Gold Seal of Transparency from Guidestar for high degree of financial and demographic data. 


We sincerely invite you to examine our current financial statements for yourself.  If interested, simply drop us a note and we will provide you all the necessary financial reports.

1998: Omid Cancer Clinic of Urumia

As one of RAZI's first major efforts to meet the medical needs of those who could ill afford the high cost of chemotherapy, we used donated equipment to help fund and equip a free cancer diagnostic and treatment clinic, OMID, (meaning hope in Farsi) in the border town of Urumia in Western Azarbaijan province of Iran. This center has since become a sprawling medical center in a much larger setting and admitting hundreds of patient both locally and across the border from Iraq and Turkey.

In a later phase, we also helped establish a modest, Ronald McDonald-type residential facility next door to the hospital where relatives of the children could usually stay free-of-charge for the duration of their patient's treatment, and not be burdened with additional costs of the hotel stay or commuting back and forth to the hospital.  


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2003: Earthquake in Bam

In 2003 an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude devastated the town of Bam in Kerman province flattening large portions of land and costing upwards of 45,000 lives in the process. At that time, RAZI became one of the first responders to immediately rush 2 plane-loads of donated emergency goods and supplies to the victims of the quake and their families whose basic needs, such as, water were tough to meet due to damage to the roads.


A few months later, RAZI collected enough funds to build and equip a much-needed 2-story vocational school for the youth to learn computer and IT skills on donated land in center of that city.  


2012: Hurricane Sandy / Earthquake in Haiti

Similarly, when hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast of the United States in 2012, or the massive earthquake jolted Haiti with devastating impact on people's livelihood, RAZI in cooperation with other major relief agencies, such as the Red Cross, was there with fundraising efforts to help the victims rebuilt their lives in quickest time possible.


2012: Earthquake in West & Northwest Iran

When two major quakes, one in Kermanshah and one near the towns of Ahar and Varzeghan in Azarbaijan province caused large-scale damage and totally disrupted people's lives in 2012, again, RAZI sprung into action and help raise $70,000 to help build a boarding school for boys and girls whose continued education would have been downright impossible due to damages to their existing school buildings and roads that were no longer passable.

The new boarding school with facilities to house 250 students overnight was constructed in partnership with the Child Foundation and with enhanced quake-resistant engineering that could withstand tremors of magnitude of up to 7.5 on Richter scale.


2017: Gift of Hearing to 150 Students

In 2017 we received a very encouraging news from a group of charitable teachers in city of Tabriz who were regularly donating portion of their salary for use in a revolutionary new technology that made it possible for hearing-impaired middle school children to start hearing again by surgically installing a small, relatively low-cost device in their ear.  Through the use of these devices, these, otherwise, very smart and accomplished students would be then able to attend regular schooling and lead perfectly normal successful lives.

And, once we were made aware of this highly practical and promising technology we helped raise over $7,000 enough to cover the cost of purchasing and installing 150 of these devices, literally, opening up a whole bright new world to 150 school kids in the process. 



2020: At Forefront of Fight Against COVID

Since the beginning of the pandemic, RAZI has been mindful of the critical role the frontline and emergency personnel, as well as, our fellow doctors, pharmacists and nurses in various local hospitals and healthcare centers in the area are engaged in 25/7 and around the clock.

That’s why we extended both financial and in-kind contributions, including, our "One Million Mask" campaign and other efforts to distribute much-needed medical-grade protective gear to this tireless and dedicated group of professionals by way of expressing, albeit in a small way, our gratitude and thanks for their invaluable service toward securing the health and well-being of our community.


2021: Curbing the Impact of COVID-19

Through generous help and support of our kind and caring donors all across the country we were able to provide hundreds of BiPAP portable breathing devices, as well as, large Oxygen Concentrator units to hospitals in 18 provinces lacking such life-saving device in Iran, one of the first and hardest hit nations in the world during the worldwide pandemic.  These units helped thousands of patients, mostly in poorer and less-developed areas of the country, survive the onslaught of the deadly virus and its symptoms early on, thereby, thwarting potential life-threatening complications in later stages of the disease.

Through special contribution by the Indian community, several of these units were also purchased and shipped to India at the height of shortage for Oxygenerator devices there.

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2022: Clean Water for Afghani Village

Thanks to a novel initiative by an Afghani NGO in U.S. and financial help and support of RAZI an entire population in an Afghan village in Herat province has now access to clean, healthy water source.

Because of the particular geography and lack of proper infrastructure in the area, this project was designed to be wholly self-sufficient and sustainable through exclusive use of renewable and environmentally-friendly energy sources such as solar power (see video)

Afghan Water
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Semnan's 1st Radiotherapy Center (Update)

Semnan with the population of about 900,000 and many thousands of Afghani refugees is one of the few provinces in Iran without any radiotherapy equipment. Each month as many as 2,000 cancer patients have to travel far distances and away from loved ones to receive months-long treatments at tremendous financial cost and emotional stress to them.

After securing nearly 80% of the $1.9 million for a radiotherapy equipment, the Board of Directors of Razi Health Foundation in a historic move approved to proceed with the purchase of a top quality American-made Vitabeam system from Varian Co. and to lock in a favorable negotiated price now to avoid a price increase. This decision was made because of our confidence in supporters like you.

Over the next 6 to 9 months, we need to raise the remaining $375,000 before the unit can be shipped. Please help us reach this historic goal that is now so close at hand.

While we are indeed very grateful for any amount you may wish to donate, we would like you to know that anyone donating $2000 or more can choose to have his or her name or name of a loved one inscribed on a beautiful ceramic tile in this cancer treatment center. 

Semnan RT Proj
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