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Saving Lives, Keeping Families Together!

Razi is actively raising money for 3 major projects slated for early 2022. These include, purchaing the first radiotherapy equipment for a non-profit cancer center in Semnan Province, providing medical, dental and personal hygiene for orphans, schooling for children in Afghanistan and providing equipment and supplies for 350 schoolers in Golestan, Iran.


Since the very early days of the pandemic, RAZI has been at the forefront of global effort to combat COVID-19. 


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Joining Razi's Embassador program is one of the best ways you can help fund the type of humanitarian activities you can be proud of.

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From making a quick online donation to sharing your time and social-media skills as “Friends of RAZI” there are so many ways you can reach out and give us a helping hand.

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1st Radiotherapy equipment for Cancer Treatment Center in Semnan


Semnan with the population of 900,000 plus thousands of Afghan refugees is one of the few provinces in Iran without any radiotherapy equipment. This project will help equip the 1st hospital of its kind in that province to locally offer radiotherapy to patients who currently suffer the pain of traveling long distances . . .


Provide Medical & Dental Hygiene for Half a Dozen Orphanages


You can help provide adequate funding to maintain proper medical and mental hygiene for children being housed in 6 orphanages across 3 provinces in Iran who desperately need this type of care right now.

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This Newly-Built School Needs Equipment & Supplies


This modern, newly-built school in the flood-hit region of the Golestan province serving 350 school kids is in dire need of equipment and supplies to become operational for early 2022 school year.   


Provide Clean Water & School for 500 Children in Herat, Afghanistan


Provide schooling for 300 students and access to safe, clean water for an entire village in Herat, Afghanistan.

Saving Lives, Keeping Families Together

Did you know that there was not even one radiation therapy equipment in Semnan province with a population of over 900,000 and thousands of Afghani immigrants and refugees?

Did you know that each month as many as 2,000 cancer patients had to travel far and away from loved ones to receive months-long treatments at a tremendous financial cost and emotional stress to them?

Many of these patients who could hardly afford this huge financial burden ended up without proper treatment and, unfortunately, died leaving loved ones behind.

Together, we were able to do just that! 

Following months of negotiations with manufacturers and distributors, we chose Varian Corporation, an American company, that provides the best radiotherapy equipment in its class.

Razi Health Foundation, through its popular fundraising efforts, was eventually able to secure the nearly $2MM needed to complete this vital project. Today, this unit assembled in California is being installed in the city of Semnan by technicians there.  So, once again, a big THANK YOU to all our fantastic friends and sponsors who made this wonderful news possible-- you truly helped Save Lives & Keep Families Together!



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